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Hello! I'm Val!

I am 34 years old, born and raised in Georgia. I have resided in Douglasville since 1999. I started working professionally in photography at the age of 18 and I haven't stopped since! I have over 15 years of professional experience as a photographer. In between shooting I am flying the skies as a flight attendant and working as a Realtor.  


My Work

I specialize in maternity and newborn photography. However, there isn't a genre of photography that I haven't worked in.


I have always believed that the eyes are the most beautiful lens ever. My style of photography strives to emulate exactly what the eyes sees. My work features realistic, bright and vibrant colors.

Home Life

After meeting online in 2014, I married my husband in September of 2019. He is the reason I can stay as busy as I do. He's always supporting me (with a bit of a raised eyebrow) with every new project I come up with. If you join me for a studio shoot you may just happen to run into him! Together we enjoy relaxing at home and living a simple life. We don't have any little ones but we do have a collection of house plants that I manage to keep upright... most days. 


In my free time...

My creativity has no limit. When I'm not shooting you'll find me working on new DIY projects for photography or the home. Things like putting together new backdrops, repurposing old props, decorating the home or landscaping the yard. I also love binge watching Netflix, shopping for things I'm sure I don't need, and reading through all of the books I have yet to get around to. 

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